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“关注刘霞年”之“寻找刘霞”活动 Saving Liu Xia 2014






参加活动的朋友,请下载两个图片(中国大陆朋友请下载对应的墙内版本)。第一张海报图片,请你打印出来,写上你的话语,贴在墙上,公共场所尤佳,并请拍下照片回传到 liuxiaobo.net@gmail.com ,我们将在本网站开设专页分享大家对刘霞的祝福、对刘晓波的支持,以及共同谴责中国当局的肆意迫害。第二张明信片图片,请寄送到各国政府、人权机构及刘霞家中,并转贴在你的脸书、微博、推特或者任何可以发布的空间,让我们的关怀联结彼此。




“Saving Liu Xia 2014” 


Campaign Post Card

According to Reuters and other media, as well as her own letters that have been smuggled out of China, Ms. Liu Xia, the wife of the imprisoned Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo, is suffering from severe depression and is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The source of her stress is not only her husband’s imprisonment and the persecution of her family, but the fact that the Chinese government has kept her under house arrest ever since her husband won the Nobel Peace Prize three years ago.

During these three years her movements have been severely restricted. She cannot go anywhere without a police escort. No one can visit her home. No one can call her and she cannot call out. Even the letters that she and her husband write to each other every week are confiscated.

Liu Xia has never been charged with a crime, yet she is living in a prison.

John F. Kennedy stated that, “When one man is enslaved, all are not free.”  We cannot ignore Liu Xia’s illegal detention.

That’s why we are launching an initiative –” Saving Liu Xia 2014 ”– to raise awareness of her plight, show her the world is standing with her and to pressure the Chinese Government to stop persecuting her.

Because of her house arrest, Liu Xia has disappeared from all social life, so the “Saving Liu Xia 2014” will start off with a missing person poster campaign aimed at getting Liu Xia out of isolation and back into her world. The campaign will start on December 10, 2013, and you can participate by creating your own Liu Xiao missing persons poster. The template files can be found here.

Just print it out, add your own words and then post around your workplace, or in other public places. Take a picture of your poster and send it to liuxiaobo.net@gmail.com and we’ll post pictures from around the world that show support for Liu Xia and Liu Xiaobo.

You can also post it to your Facebook, your webchat, your blog, Twitter, Instagram,–everywhere you can to help spread the word, support Liu Xiao and make the Chinese Government take responsibility!

The hash tag of this campaign is #savingliuxia .

The second way you can participate is to download the postcard and mail it to your government and friends to raise their awareness.

Want to earn some bonus points? We are also launching a prize challenge. We are collecting donations to go toward a prize for the person who can hang a poster as close as possible to Liu Xia’s home in Beijing. Her address is #9 Yuyuantan Road, Building 17, Unit 4, Room 501, Beijing 100038.

You’ve got to take a photo of the poster that has some identifying background details so we can award the prize to the most ingenious person! The prize information will be updated on the campaign web page located at Liuxiaobo.net .

This campaign is sponsored by Liuxiaobo.net, the Friends of Liu Xiaobo and Citizen Power for China.

Dec. 10, 2013


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